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Individual Student Planning

Throughout the year the counselors meet with students on an individual basis. As a part of individual student planning, the counselors work in collaboration with students, families and school staff members to help each student develop academically, socially and personally.
Study Skills/ Test Preparation- A few tips can be found by selecting the links below:
Success Tips
Projects and Assignments

Organization- Hillcrest students use the Success By Design Agenda Book to keep track of their assignments. Additional educational resources are available in the front of the agenda book.

New Students- The counselors have a new student orientation at the beginning of each school year to welcome new students to Norwin.

Standardized Testing-

Cognitive Abilities Tests October/November, 2023 Grade 5


April 22-26, 2024


Grades 5 and 6
PSSA Mathematics  April 29- May 3, 2024  Grades 5 and 6

Identification for Special Programs (SEAL, Learning Support)- Please contact your child’s counselor for more information.