Hillcrest Library Rules & Procedures

Mandatory Library Rules
Students must....
* "Whisper" or be quiet in the library at all times so that others may study or read.
* Use only the Destiny library circulation program or Skyward during their scheduled library time.
* Walk in the library!

* Students may check out 2 library books.
* Books are checked out for 2 cycles.
* The date due is stamped in the front or back of the book.
* Books may be renewed to keep them from becoming overdue.
* Students must have the book with them to renew it.
* You are responsible for returning books on time.

Checking out & Returning Books
* Do not re-shelve books
lay them on top of the bookcase or put them on book cart for library personel to reshelve
* Return books in the library Book Return
* Students may check out & return library books in the morning before homeroom, during their library class, during Activity Period and before dismissal.
Personal Devices
* No cell phones or electronic devices are permitted in the library except with permission from Mrs. Ballas
* Confiscated devices will be turned into the main office and a parent will need to pick up the device.

End of Year
* All books must be returned prior to the end of the school year
* Refer to page 19 of the Student Handbook for more information on consequences.

Lost Books
Lost books must be paid for before the end of the school year. Mrs. Ballas can tell you the cost of the book. Payment can be made in either cash or check form (a receipt will be given). Checks should be made payable to "Norwin School District." Students will receive full refunds for books found within one year. Please call Mrs. Ballas if you have any questions about paying for lost books.